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Repercussions of Duterte’s Behavior on Pinoys

Then candidate Rodrigo Duterte during a campaign rally in Metro Manila.
Photo:  REUTERS/japantimes.co.jp

ong before being elected president, President Rodrigo Duterte was already known for his "colorful” language. While some thought he would temper his speech once in Malaca�ang, it appears that has not been the case. In fact, Duterte simply raised his insult-level to include world leaders and United Nations executives.

While the image of the ever-smiling Pinoy was great for tourism, it didn’t do Filipinos justice as it failed to reflect reality. The Philippines after all, has had more than its share of hard times.

The image Duterte now projects to the world is the polar opposite of that smiling Pinoy. He has made it crystal clear that he—and by extension, Filipinos—won’t be lectured to, or told what to do.

And while a more assertive Pinoy is a welcome change to Filipinos and foreigners alike, Duterte appears to have taken it to extreme levels.

Whatever the reasons for Duterte acting that way, it has certainly altered the way the world sees Filipinos. And in many ways, the way Filipinos see themselves.

As Pinoys, should we cling to our meek, smiling, image of the past? Or do we embrace the darker, but more assertive image Duterte exhibits? Or should we aim for something in between?

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